Affiliate FAQ

How do I become an affiliate?

Follow the link listed on our affiliate sign-up page. After you create an account, you'll be provided with a unique referral URL. Use that to direct visitors to our site and sales from visitors you refer will automatically be tracked and credited to you.

I registered to be an affiliate for the website, and I have the affiliate code. But when someone is purchasing do they have a chance to put that in the checkout cart? Or do they have to go through the embeded code i also have? How does this work?

Use your affiliate link (either send the link directly, place it on your website, or use it on an embedded image) to direct potential customers to our website. Your affiliate link will automatically redirect them to our website and in the process track the visitor as coming from you. When that visitor purchases an item, you are automatically credited with the sale. In fact, our system keeps track of your referral for six months so if they come back the next day to purchase, you still get credit. If they buy the blue shirt and come back in a few months when we release a new color to purchase that as well, you’ll get credit again.

How can I use my affiliate link with banners & graphics?

We created a number of web graphics which you are able to use to promote Legalize Trans* which are available in your affiliate dashboard. 

When will I be paid?

You will be paid within one month of the sale.

What if I don’t get credit for a sale?

In the unlikely event you are not credited for a sale that you referred (it hasn’t happened yet), email us their name, email address, and invoice number along with the email address you used to register with e-junkie and your PayPal email address and we will credit you the sale.