Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legalize Trans* campaign?

The Legalize Trans* campaign is an artistic and educational campaign intended to create dialogue and draw attention to the lack of inclusivity within the popular American Apparel “Legalize Gay” campaign. Legalize Trans* serves to emphasize the need for Transgender inclusivity within the dominant national Lesbian and Gay rights movement, and provide public education and resources that focus on navigating legal resources for Trans/gender non-conforming people.


Who is behind the Legalize Trans* campaign?

Asher conceived and created the Legalize Trans* campaign. Brian Murphy created and maintains the website.


Are there staff? If so, who are they?

Legalize Trans* is not a product of a company and there are no staff.


What is the point of this?

Legalize Trans* was created to raise awareness, incite discussion, and promote education. We find value for the campaign in and of itself. Additionally, the campaign is structured to help meet the economic needs of queer & trans* folks, while providing value to the customers and to the public.  In this way we can achieve social good without relying on charity.


Where does the money go?

Money collected through sales goes to cover the cost of production, merchant and transaction fees, and costs associated with the website. Profits after expenses go to the creators. Additionally, individuals and organizations can register as affiliates (for free) and promote the campaign. In those cases, 15% of the sale price (which is more than half of the post-expense profits) goes to the affiliate.  Many affiliates are raising money for their trans-related medical costs and/or living expenses.


Are you a non-profit?

Legalize Trans* is not a non-profit. There are no plans for it become one in the future.


Are you sponsored by a non-profit?

The Legalize Trans* campaign is not sponsored by, or in any way affiliated with, a non-profit


Do you donate money to non-profits? If so, which ones?

Asher and Brian, and many of the affiliates and other folks who support Legalize Trans*, are involved with and contribute to non-profit organizations, separately from this project. Some folks that we think do great work are Queers for Economic Justice and the Audre Lorde Project.


Are you part of American Apparel?

Legalize Trans* is not produced by or in any way affiliated with American Apparel. Legalize Trans* t-shirts are not printed on American Apparel stock.


What shirts do you print on? How can I determine my size?

Legalize Trans* shirts are printed on Gildan & Canvas shirts by a small, USA-based, queer-owned print shop. Refer to sizing charts on product pages for help determining your size.


I am hosting a conference or work with an organization and we are interested in making shirts and buttons available for purchase, what do we do?

Contact us at and we’ll try to find a way to make it work.