Legalize Trans shirts at the lowest price ever

We're gonna cut right to it: Legalize Trans shirt are on sale for the lowest price they've ever been. Every shirt on the site is only $15. You can grab one (or more) while supplies last at legalizetrans.comWhen we started Legalize Trans over seven years ago, we were one of the first trans-owned apparel companies. For us, Legalize Trans has always been about more than just the shirts. It's been about a bold, positive message out there for our communities and the larger world. We've enjoyed sharing our shirts with y'all, leading workshops at conferences to teach others how to fundraise and start small...

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Marriage in the United States

Marriage is a complex issue, we know that well as Legalize Trans* was formed as a cheeky response to the LGb(t) movement's undue emphasis on it. Still, today's historic ruling impacts countless of trans folks who were previously barred from legal marriage. There is much work to do to address the issues most critical to the most number of LGBTQ people: violence; mass incarceration; police violence; access to transition; economic, racial, and immigration justice; ending AIDS;and more. Today, we recommit to the work until there is justice for all.

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Transition Roundup!

If you're cisgender and proud/happy/excited for Caitlyn Jenner, consider donating to surgery fund of trans folks who can't afford transtiion — Brian Gerald Murphy (@begeem) June 2, 2015 We know that there are people out there who want to support trans folks in their transitions but just don't know any in need (yet). That's why we created this fundraising roundup so that we can connect would-be-supporters with people who need some help.  If you can contribute, find one or more folks who need support getting to their goal.  Donate to a transition fundraiser Evia - PayPal - FFS (facial feminization surgery) and hormones Kristian...

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