Transition Roundup!

We know that there are people out there who want to support trans folks in their transitions but just don't know any in need (yet). That's why we created this fundraising roundup so that we can connect would-be-supporters with people who need some help. 

If you can contribute, find one or more folks who need support getting to their goal. 

Donate to a transition fundraiser

Evia - PayPal - FFS (facial feminization surgery) and hormones

Kristian - - top surgery

Jordan - - top surgery

Shan - - top surgery

Jason - - top surgery

Jessica - - FFS ($1,000 already paid)

Quinn - - top surgery

Dylan - - top surgery

Alex - - top surgery

Elliot - - top surgery

Lucas - - top surgery ($1,000 already saved)

Logan - PayPal - top surgery

Cameron - - top surgery

Kai - - top surgery

Whit - - chest surgery

Aaron - - top surgery + other medical bills

Kai - - top surgery

Caspar - - top surgery ($700 saved in addition to Go Fund Me)

Katherine - - legal costs, classes on makeup, sizing for women's clothes

Jude - - top surgery


If you want to be included here, email with the name you'd like listed, your goal amount and any progress you've made toward it, and a link to where folks can donate.

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